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Our Projects


Australia wide repairs for electronc variable speed drives, servo drives, AC drives, DC drives, electronic inverters, complex electronic boards and monitors. Specialists in CNC machines. Retrofit and re-engineering experts.


Our business was established more than 30 years ago, in 1986. We are experts in electronic variable speed drives and power converters, including AC drives, Vector drives, DC Drives, servo drivers, power cyclo converters and control systems that make the drives work.
We repair, re-program, upgrade or replace all types of electronic variable drives. We also repair, re-build or replace old models of drives which are no longer supported by their manufacturers.
We have significant expertise in software writing. We transcribe application software from one digital drive into another. We modify communication modules in drive systems to enable a new replacement drive to work successfully with existing control systems of the production lines.

satisfied customers

  • A Key Link in Machinery Maintenance
    PWB Anchor, Manager

    For more than 90 yrs, PWB Anchor has been supplying industry with a wide range of premium quality lifting equipment. Amongst these, are small and very large... PWB Anchor Manager

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  • Keeping the News Presses going
    Fairfax Media , Manager

    Simon Leach has a large and complex job, as Electrical Services Coordinator for the Fairfax Media Group, Simon has to ensure that the printing presses are ready... Fairfax Media Manager

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  • Servo Pack Repairs Save CNC Shop
    Branchflower, Consultant

    With a backlog of jobs and a repair technician that had run out of answers after two full days on a recalcitrant CNC Router, small business operator... Branchflower Consultant

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  • Bekaert Saved Time & Time Again
    Bekaert Australia, Designer

    Textile giant Bekaert Australia has found the secret to keeping its 16 acre Dandenong site operational and repair costs to a minimum. It is to keep key... Bekaert Australia Designer

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