Servo Drives

AC Servo Drive: It precisely monitors the motor speed and toque in order to allow exact control of the motor speed. It requires special motors with speed feedback devices. Far more expensive than a Vector drive.
DC Servo Drive: It works on similar principal to AC Servo Drive but delivers far higher speed accuracy and much higher torque.

OKUMA VAC Spindle Drive Repair

OKUMA VAC Spindle Drive Repair

OKUMA does not support spindle drives of this vintage. We offer comprehensive repair and rebuilt service. It extends the life span of this drive by 5 to 7 years. Typical turnover time is 3 to weeks.

STOBER Servo Drive Repair

STOBER Servo Drive

Data Factory excels in repairing and rebuilding exotic brands of electronic variable speed drives. STOBER drive, made in Germany is a good example.

Yaskawa Servo Drive Repair

Yaskawa Servo Drive

Yaskawa is a giant in the area of industrial automation. They make many diverse types of drives and other industrial gear.