AC Drives

Power converter designed to vary the speed of an ordinary induction AC motor. It converts f1 phase. The AC drive input AC voltage and frequency are fixed. The AC drive output voltage and frequency vary but the ratio of voltage to frequency is kept fixed allowing the drive to maintain, to a degree, constant output torque. The torque is constant only with motor speeds above 5HZ of the output voltage. Below 5Hz the output torque collapses and the motor stalls usually triggering an overload trip in the drive.

Allen Bradley Power Flex 700 Repair

Allen Bradley Power Flex 700 Repair

This Allen Bradley Power Flex 700 was powering up a compressor. It failed during a power surge. The damage was in the power stack section. It has been repaired and power tested. At Data Factory we have spare parts as well as manuals, programming software, network interface modules, etc., needed to fix this type of drive.

ABB ACS800 Repair


ABB ACS800 is high power, high capacity AC drive. This particular drive was working in a critical part of a power plant driving a high power compressor. Due to a challenging working environment: high ambient temperature and frequent stops and starts, the drive failed destroying its power stack and bus bar system.