Adriatic Stone Project

Adriatic Stone operates a large Cartesian robot which cuts stones. The robot control system was designed by Vickers in 1990s and has been due for major upgrade. Data Factory have serviced and rebuilt Vickers controller and servo drives. We have also replaced a wrist servo drive with a modern unit.

Tram Car Project

Data Factory was commissioned to re-design an inverter installed on the historic Tram Car Restaurant in 1986. It was designed and installed to convert 600VDC overhead voltage into 3 phase 415/240VAC to power up the tram kitchen appliances.

ORORA Washer Project

We were commissioned by ORORA to upgrade control system of a Washer machine-which cleans aluminium cans. It is an integral part of the aluminium beverage can production line in the ORORA Plant in Dandenong Victoria.