Company Profile

Company Profile

Our business was established more than 30 years ago, in 1986. We are experts in electronic variable speed drives and power converters, including AC drives, Vector drives, DC Drives, servo drivers, power cyclo converters and control systems that make the drives work. 

We repair, re-program, upgrade or replace all types of electronic variable drives. We also repair, re-build or replace old models of drives which are no longer supported by their manufacturers. 

We have significant expertise in software writing. We transcribe application software from one digital drive into another. We modify communication modules in drive systems to enable a new replacement drive to work successfully with existing control systems of the production lines. 

The company principal, Darius Kowalewski is a professional engineer, chartered member of Institution of Engineers, Australia. Educated in Europe and Australia. He has a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from Technical University of Gdansk, Poland and Master Degree in Digital Communication from Monash University, Australia.

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Having worked for many years as a commissioning engineer for a market leader electrical company and as a control systems design engineer for a large packaging company, he has developed expertise in commissioning and designing control systems in critical applications: paper mills, steel mills, food manufacturers and others. A good person to talk to before you embark on your new project. 

We are a small team with a very well equipped electronic laboratory. Whatever we design or repair is thoroughly tested before we send it back to the client. We also have programming software and spare parts for main brands of drives so lab repairs or retrofit projects can be sped up if necessary.